We have put together a list of our frequently asked IT Support questions below.

However, if your concern is not answered below, please lodge an IT Support request using the form here and a member of our support team will be in contact with you.


Q: Upon accessing Canberra Imaging Group’s website, I’m told I do not have the correct software installed.

A: You have made your way to a Referring Physician’s section of our website, for patient access please go to: www.canberraimaging.com.au/myresults

Q: Entering the URL from my patient card takes me to the wrong location.

A: It’s possible you’ve entered the URL into a search engine rather than the address bar. Please try the following link: www.canberraimaging.com.au/myresults

Q: The username and password I was given won’t work / I do not know my username and password.

A: Please fill in the form below and select: Incorrect user name/password combo. Alternatively call our third party provider, Medinexus on 1300 79 69 59.

Q: The cards I was given at site do not seem to work as my username and password.

A: If you were given cards with a user ID and an accession number (2017DEA0123123, K12345), these are not your username and password. You can use these to register for a new user account here: www.myresults.canberraimaging.com.au

Q: With my first time login, the website will not let me finalise my choices.

A: Please try updating your browser, or try using a different browser. Popular choices are Firefox and Chrome. Alternatively please fill in the form below and our support staff can assist you.

Q: After successfully logging in, I’m unable to see my report.

A: Reports can take up to 24 hours to populate. If you cannot view them after 24 hours, please submit an enquiry via the form below.

Q: My report contains only a small amount of images.

A: The images presented are merely a sample and are not for diagnostic purposes. Your referring physician will have access to a larger number of higher quality images where applicable.

Q: I have a report but no images attached.

A: Please submit your details via the form below.

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