The medical owners of the practice are well supported by a highly experienced Executive and Administrative Team.

The General Manager and Chief Financial Officer are responsible for the overall management and strategic direction of the practice. They are well supported by key Workforce and Accreditation Managers, who provide centralised support for the individual Site Manager in charge of each practice location.


Anthony Pilloni | General Manager

CIG Executive

Anthony is an accomplished executive with over 25 years experience in the medical imaging industry. Prior to his position as CIG General Manager he was Information Systems Manager and a Senior Nuclear Medicine Scientist. He holds a degree from Sydney University in Medical Radiation Technology.

As the General Manager of Canberra Imaging Group, Anthony is responsible for running all facets of the business. Anthony has a proven executive management track record driving quality and growth in the medical imaging field in Canberra.

In his time as General Manager, he has overseen a significant transformation at CIG, including the expansion of services in Canberra and regional NSW, the adoption of new and exciting imaging technologies including PET / CT, Ultra Low Dose CT and the latest MRI technology, and the implementation of CIG's online platform facilitating easy and fast access to medical imaging results online for all CIG customers.

Anthony is driven to ensure Canberra Imaging Group provides high quality diagnostic medical imaging to patients and referrers, focusing on customer service, patient care and a commitment to excellence.

Brett Richardson | Chief Financial Officer

CIG Executive

Brett is a Chartered Accountant with over 35 years experience in public and corporate accounting. He has held senior positions in large and small organisations and has significant experience in advising small and medium enterprises.

Brett is responsible for all facets of CIG’s finance function, including reporting to the Board and Partners and other internal and external stakeholders. He is responsible for ensuring the integrity of CIG’s financial system and the processes and procedures that underpin the system.

Brett returns to CIG after an absence of a couple of years to continue his service commenced in 2008.

Debra Jones | Workforce Manager

CIG Executive

Debra has over 30 years experience working in the medical field with her base qualifications and experience being a Registered Nurse and Midwife. From that experience base Debra has developed a core understanding of service delivery to staff, clients and referrers, in particular, for medical imaging services. Throughout her career Debra has also gained significant experience in staff management and project management.

Debra has been an employee of Canberra Imaging Group for over 17 years. She commenced her CIG career as a radiology interventional nurse and over the course of her employment has filled senior operational management positions and her appointment to the CIG Executive. For 5 years she was the Site Manager of both the Angiography and Interventional Suite and the CIG Flagship Site at Deakin. Her current role as Workforce Manager and CIG Complaints Officer enables her to apply the breadth of her knowledge that has been gained from these positions and her general life experience.

Brad Whittaker | Technical Manager

CIG Executive

Brad was recruited to the role of Technical Manager in 2017, 15 years after joining the company as a junior Radiographer with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Medical Imaging) Degree. His previous roles with CIG include 8 years working as the Clinical Manager of CT services.

His current role focuses on the technical management of projects and equipment purchases, along with leadership of the CIG quality improvement and accreditation processes.

Lisa Martin | RIS & Administration Manager

Lisa comes from a background of health and administration management and has 12 years experience as a manager in medical imaging administration. She is passionate about delivering a high level of customer service and strives to exceed the expectation of patients, customers and all CIG stakeholders. To complement this, Lisa also believes that quality assurance, continuous improvement and education are essential in providing a successful service. The RIS, Billing and Workers Compensation team is guided by her to deliver positive experiences and the best possible outcomes. Outside of work Lisa enjoys all things creative and a having a good work-life balance.

Dale Anderson | Marketing & Referrer Liaison | PACS & Integration Manager

Dale has over 18 years experience in Medical Imaging. He is a proud family man.

Dale is dedicated to helping Canberra Imaging Group be successful and will work hard to ensure its referrers and patients are satisfied and getting what they need from CIG. He is your go-to Liaison person, give him a call.