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Reports and Images Online

Significant investment in cutting edge information technology has enabled us to provide a sophisticated on-line system giving direct access and storage of patient reports and images. All Referring Practitioners can have access to the system and enjoy the benefits.

The latest system we have in place is referred to as RISPACS. This includes a radiology information system (RIS) and a picture archiving communication system (PACS). It gives Canberra Imaging Group an efficient, reliable and convenient way of delivering reports and images straight into your practice management software. Alternatively, you can access your patient reports and images over the internet, and from your tablet or smart phone.

The medical images are stored in an independent format. The combined RISPACs environment makes possible streamlined booking services, full digital capture and storage of all images and faster report turnaround times.






CIG now enables referring practitioners to view any study performed by CIG even when they are not the original referrer.

The Break Glass feature is accessed by logging into your Medinexus Inbox and selecting the ‘Request a Report’ tab. You will be required to accept the terms of use, before entering the patient’s exact name and date of birth, in order to view a list of studies related to that patient. After selecting the study you wish to view it will be immediately sent to your Medinexus Inbox for viewing.

To watch a demonstration video, click here

To register for the on-line system please contact our liaison staff at liaison@cig.com.au


Benefits to Referring Practitioners

The greatest benefit is the enhanced reporting and results delivery service to the referrer. A major part of this is the greater breadth of options. These allow you to view key images embedded in reports and gives access your patient’s full imaging study online.

The availability of RISPACS will give the following range of access and advantages – the ability to:

There will be no film storage or lost records – because all patient information is stored within a world class data centre.

You can discuss a significant finding with one of our radiologists whilst having the images and reports available in a matter of minutes on your desktop.

Benefits to your patients

Access to electronic results means there is no requirement for waiting or returning to collect reports and/or images. There are no film storage issues or lost records, and their referrer has immediate access to better manage the process.

Ways of accessing the system

Referrers can access the results using a mobile device, for example an iPhone or iPad. To do so please use the following link:

To access on-line information booklet please click on the link below:

For further information please contact our Referrer Liaison Officer at liaison@cig.com.au