We have put together a list of our frequently asked IT Support questions below.

However, if your concern is not answered below please lodge an IT support request and a member of our support team will be in contact.

Q: I would like to access patient reports online.

A: Please register for an account via our webform here

Q: My practice is having issues downloading electronic reports.

A: If this is occurring for all doctors at your practice, please check that your practice internet is currently functioning. If it is, please check with Healthlink that you are connecting to their service successfully by e-mailing helpdesk@healthlink.net or contacting them on 1800 125 036.

Q: Accessing patient images seems slow.

A: Depending on the size of the study, images may take some time to load. This is heavily dependent on the type and speed of your broadband connection. If it is normally fine, CIG may be experiencing a large volume of traffic and it may be better to try again a short time later. If you are using Intellispace PACS Enterprise, please ensure you have selected ‘Referring Practitioner’ as the location on the login page.

Q: We’ve had IT Support install CIG’s software which worked in the past, but is not currently working.

A: You may need an upgrade, please fill in the IT Support Request online form.

Q: Where can I find the Medicare referral rules and restrictions?

A: Please visit the Medicare Benefits Schedule page for up-to-date rules etc: http://www.mbsonline.gov.au

Q: How do I setup my practice management software to print to CIG’s preprinted A4 request forms.

A: Within the setup of your practice management software there will be a section for adding the appropriate referral field co-ordinates. If you are unsure of how the access these settings please contact your software support. The following table provides a based set of co-ordinates that can be used to assist in the configuration. Please note that some fine tuning will be required depending on your software.

From Left From Top From Left From Top
Patient’s Name 15 35 Doctor’s Name 15 190
Patient’s Address 15 45 Doctor’s Address 15 195
Patient’s DOB 132 30 Doctor’s Provider No. 15 203
Medicare No. 133 45 Doctor’s Phone 15 208
Chart No. 80 70 Date Printed 130 208
Phone No. 170 35 Copy To 30 173
Request 15 80 Width 130 Lines 5
Reason 15 105 Width 130 Lines 12